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Why should I start saving in bitcoin

    Considering monetary inflation (a decrease in the purchasing power of money), it is clear that holding a fair amount of FIAT money without valorization does not make much sense. Therefore people searching for reliable options to store their wealth value in time.

    Limited amount of bitcoin

    In comparison to FIAT money or natural resources, bitcoin with its total amount of 21 million coins is limited and due to the fact it cannot be increased, it is actually very rare.

    Thanks to quantitative easing, the central banks can issue more FIAT money. Thanks to new technologies, people can find more natural resources of some kind (like gold, silver, or diamonds).

    Bitcoin decentralization

    The decentralization of bitcoin gives it the power of resistance. Thanks to this characteristic, bitcoin is able to resist the central banks, local banks, governments, and in general changes and regulations causing its devaluation or extinction. Thanks to the fact, nobody controls it, but everybody, there is no one to accuse, judge, or to whom order to stop it. Bitcoin will simply run until the last person on the planet will want it.

    Bitcoin is better than money

    Bitcoin has all the aspects of all the kinds of money known until now, but more than that, bitcoin is also a store of value like nowadays gold. Yes, still quite a lot volatile, but its volatility is getting lower and lower as its overall value is growing.

    All in all, people all around the world can pay by bitcoin, but also do not be afraid of losing their money value in it as it works as a store of value in a long term.

    Bitcoin is better than gold

    Bitcoin is practically digital gold because it has similar characteristics which are being sharpened in the last and upcoming years (like volatility, user-friendliness, and awareness). Above them, bitcoin has many advantages compared to gold (like profitability, divisibility, decentralization, portability, or taxation).

    Profitability is given by its volatility, so it is also its disadvantage in one.

    Divisibility is very easy, as every bitcoin can be divided into more pieces called “sats” in seconds.

    About decentralization and its advantages are written above or in the explanation of why not to hold bitcoin in the cryptocurrency exchange.

    Portability is a significant advantage of bitcoin that allows traveling with it in your pocket compared to gold.

    Saving in bitcoin is simple

    The last but not least, even though bitcoin user-friendliness is not yet perfect, it is from a day to day better and better, and also BTC DCA tool helps to make savings in bitcoin automatically simpler for a normal person and hold everybody’s funds in money with even higher value in near future.