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What tokens and currencies can I use at BTC DCA?

    In general, the BTC DCA app supports all the FIAT currencies of the connected cryptocurrency exchanges. Except that, the application offers to buy bitcoin in several tokens.

    Please, note: Every token and currency have their minimal amounts for a single investment. These limits are always noted as a part of the “Create an exchange order” form.

    Binance exchange

    The BTC DCA tool provides all the available FIAT currencies of the Binance exchange:

    • Euro (EUR)
    • Australian dollar (AUD)
    • Russian ruble (RUB)
    • British pound (GBP)
    • Turkish lira (TRY)
    • Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH)
    • Brazilian real (BRL)

    In the case of tokens, the application offers to buy bitcoin in American dollar tokens like TUSD, USDC, USDT, and USDP. Additionally, there is available also the Indonesian rupiah as a token BIDR.

    The other currencies are not supported for spot trading on the Binance exchange and therefore they are also not supported for an exchange through our tool.

    Coinmate exchange

    The Coinmate exchange supports only EUR and CZK (Czech crowns) for an exchange of FIAT money and therefore also the BTC DCA app offers only these two.

    It always depends on the investor, whatever of these currencies is deposited to the cryptocurrency exchange, the selected one can be a subject of execution on the particular cryptocurrency exchange.