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Showcase: Example BTC DCA portfolio

    As a showcase of the BTC DCA app functionality and in general, for understanding the Dollar cost averaging strategy, here you can see a few screenshots from the example portfolio made for sharing periodically and a demonstration of the results while investing according to the DCA investment strategy.

    BTC DCA Calculator

    First, you must calculate your goal or monthly investments in the BTC DCA Calculator. The results are just for your information. If you are not trying to reach any specific end balance, just investing an amount of money monthly, the expected final balance will not be shown anymore.

    In case you use the calculator to get a monthly investment contribution for your specific end balance, you will still see it in the portfolio.

    portf1 1
    Expected Final balance calculation

    Selection of the proper portfolio type will show up later on the proper portfolio icon and its right naming serves to recognition of your goal.

    BTC DCA Portfolio calculation result
    BTC DCA Portfolio calculation result

    The expected final balance is calculated based on the gain in the previous cycle and halved for future ones. It is also calculated with the actual price drop under the latest ATH.

    BTC DCA Portfolio Overview

    Once you finish your account registration and set up your API Key to a selected Cryptocurrency exchange, you will see your empty portfolio in the BTC DCA Overview screen.

    Before it will display the actual monthly and daily investments, you will have to set up a new order for your cryptocurrency exchange. Then you will see if your orders match the monthly investment goal.

    Empty BTC DCA portfolio

    After a while (based on your setup), the first investment will appear in your Portfolio Overview, later on including the current unrealized profit or loss. Except this, you will see the actual invested amount in BTC (sats) and also the average costs (bitcoin purchasing price in USD).

    first investment
    First investment